Thank you all for your prayers and support!

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Jon Jon’s Chik-Fil-A Event!

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Thank you all who came out to show support to Jon and our family at Chik-Fil-A. It is very difficult to express our enormous gratitude that we have for all of you. We have been overwhelmed by the support and generosity that has been shown to us and so grateful to all of you who have been praying for Jon and our family. So many friends, family and even people we have never met before have reached out to us…Thank you doesn’t even begin to express how we feel. You’re continued prayers are so appreciated.

Joe, Arisa, Haley, Erica & Jon Jon


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Standing Strong with Jon

When you have a very energetic child and you begin to notice their balance 
is off when they walk or run, it catches your attention. Thinking it was
normal kid stuff, being in a hurry, it didn’t register at first. Then while at a
baseball practice, we noticed Jon’s left arm was hanging to his side when he
came in from the field. It was Jon’s left side that was affected. The
following day Jon was seen by his pediatrician, who referred us to
a neurologist, a CT scan was done and we were given the results, Jon had a
brain tumor. This all happened within an hour. We were told to take Jon
to CHOC in Orange, he was admitted and our journey began, one no
parent wants to be on. The diagnosis of DIPG requires one to have
strength, trust and confidence in God, oneself, and the doctors.

Jon is such a great kid, full of energy, and loves to tease his sisters, Haley,
who is 14 and Erica, who is 10. He pretty much rules the roost! That being
said, Jon is a friend to all. He attends Wilson Elementary School in Corona,
CA and is in the first grade, Jon is 6 years old. When you ask his
classmates what they like best about Jon, they will say that he makes them
laugh! Jon is a great helper too, always ready to be a friend to those who
need one.

Jon is bilingual, he speaks Japanese! Arisa, Jon’s mama is from Japan and
Jon has visited Japan several times to see his grandma, grandpa, auntie and
cousins. He loves to travel and is always ready to go!

Jon loves to have fun! He enjoys building Lego’s with his sister and mom,
playing video games with dad, playing baseball and roller hockey with his
friends. Jon also loves to ride his bike, swim, and shoot his bb gun
(supervised of course) at Papa’s. Spending time at Grandma’s is fun too
because they read bible stories and go to church.
Jon is a blessing to all of us and those he meets, no one is a stranger, he
shows love to everyone.

Jon Lorenz

Friday – 11/15/13

Happy Friday Friends,

Well, we have 1 day left before our first fundraiser for Jon Jon, all we have to say is, “WATCH OUT CHICK-FIL-A, HERE WE COME.” Please remember this is an ALL DAY EVENT beginning at 11 a.m.

chick fila

Our family is so blessed to have a community who has poured out their hearts to Jon Jon and his family. There are no words to express our gratitude.

We look forward to seeing / meeting each one of you tomorrow, please introduce yourselves. This is a time of joyfulness, not sadness. Jon Jon is feeling great, looking good, and excited about tomorrow. He see’s this as getting to go to Chick-Fil-A, he doesn’t understand it’s for him.

Most importantly, I would like to ask everyone to please be positive in what you say to Jon. Often, people ask him, how are you feeling, well instead, one might say, “You look great buddy, we’re glad to see you.” Jon feels fine, so he doesn’t understand why they are asking that question. He’s only 6, so you can understand, I’m sure.

May God bless your day, thank you again for all your prayers and support, we love you all.

Standing Strong With Jon,

The Lorenz / Padilla Families

My name is Jon…

Jon Lorenz is 6 year’s old and was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor known as DIPG (see link below) There are less than 300 cases per year and occur usually only in children. He is currently receiving radiation treatment at CHOC and is doing well but misses school and his friends very much.

Jon Lorenz

Thank you to SO many that have graciously given to Jon’s parent’s, Joe and Arisa. Both parent’s are taking this time to be with Jon 24/7. They have been overwhelmed by everyone’s support. We are asking for continued prayers for Jon and the entire Lorenz family. We are expecting God to do great things!

If you would like to send a donation via mail please send to:

P.O. Box
Joe Lorenz
2279 Eagle Glen Pkwy.
Corona, CA 92883

Please click the link below to learn more about DIPG